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The doors will be closing in...


You missed out!

I'm ready for love!

Doors will be closing in :


You missed out!

Are you now... Ready for love?

  • Do you ever feel lonely at night, dreaming of a life with someone?
  • Do you sometimes feel that your love situation will never change?
  • Do you ever feel discouraged and wonder if You are the problem?
  • Or feel like you always attract the same kind of person, the same love patterns?

I could have gone on, as you can well imagine, and put together the ultimate list of the « 50 best reasons not to believe in love anymore... » to validate what you are experiencing, but by doing so I would not be true to myself, to my experience, to my life and to what I have been able to experience that is true and deep in a love relationship, not to mention the experience of the hundreds of people who have been able to find love again through the support I offer.

I strongly believe, you see, with all my being and with all my soul, that it is *possible* to meet the partner of your dreams!

Let me introduce myself, my name is David Bernard. For a long time, I had a lot of trouble with love. It just didn't work for me... In fact, a few years ago I could have answered yes to all the questions I just asked you.

But being a coach, speaker and author by trade, I made the decision to self-coach, to stop waiting for things to magically change on their own, and I *chose* to take charge of my own destiny, to demystify the chemistry of love. To help me in this process, I studied love for several years and wrote five books, three of which were specifically about love.

If you're reading this right now, it's probably because you're single (or your current love situation leaves you unsatisfied) and the title caught your attention.

You are looking for true love! You dream of a loving partner in your life!

So if you don't mind, let's get to the point. Here's what I suggest :

Ready for love

I have created a method called Ready for love, a unique coaching program consisting of 9 modules spread over 13 weeks for singles looking for love and people with a « It's complicated » status!

Throughout the program, experts and I will give you the best of our experience and knowledge to make you experience the most complete, healthy and profound total transformation  to:

  • End loneliness ;
  • Prepare yourself for love ;
  • Tune into the right frequency to attract someone who vibrates like you ;
  • Free yourself from dependent and co-dependent relationships.

Ready for Love is an online program where I guide you and share with you the best of my knowledge and expertise about love and, above all, how to prepare yourself to attract it into your life.

The method is based on three main axes

  • Connect with YOURSELF
  • Connect with OTHERS
  • Take a LEAP

Ready for Love, in detail

The program will help you to:

  • Avoid old relationship patterns from ruining your next relationship ;
  • Communicate with awareness, non-violence and with peace and love ;
  • Feel understood, respected, listened to and loved like never before ;
  • Stop putting yourself second and third or even behind everything else ;
  • Put an end to the manipulation and power games once and for all.

The program is for you if:

  • You want to connect more deeply, even if you have difficulty lowering your armor ;
  • You want to know true Love, even if you no longer believe in it ;
  • You want to be truly happy, fulfilled , proud and blooming ;
  • You want to feel loved, understood, listened to and supported.

The program content over the weeks

What the program includes

  • 9 continuing education modules spread over 13 weeks
  • 67 videos for a total of 18 hours of training
  • 9 guided techniques in audio version for a total of 2.5 hours
  • 110 pages of exercises, techniques and written summaries, delivered in PDF format
  • 10 Facebook live for a total of 15 hours with spectacular speakers and specialists

It's really very complete!

In addition, a FB community will be created to unite the Ready for Love coaching cohort. This space, just for you, will allow you to exchange with the other participants of the coaching program.

On this same page, you will have access to Facebook live every week with speakers who will talk about their love life and how they have attracted love, and specialists on the topic who will propel your evolution. If you ever miss the Facebook Live stream, you'll always have access to its recording on the Ready for Love coaching program platform, for the rest of your life.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are here to show it to you!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are here to show it to you!

The time has come to learn to love yourself, to let yourself be loved, to make peace with yourself, others and life. After this process, your life will never be the same again...

Our experts and confirmed speakers are...

An international speaker with over 1,200 lectures to his credit, columnist, reporter and TV host, and author of 5 best-sellers, David decided several years ago that he would live love with a capital A.

Attracting the partner of his dreams has long been his priority - his quest. In order to unravel the mystery - the alchemy of love - and discover how to do it, he set out to become an expert in the field.

For 13 years now, Donna Saker has been the #1 host of Midday Radio on The Beat 92.5 in Montreal.

With her sense of humor and her desire to give back, she has made it her mission to bring joy to her listeners' lives.

During her 35-year career, she has worked in Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary and Toronto where she was an entertainment reporter for Global TV and the Dini Petty Show on CTV.

A true globetrotter, she has lived in Australia, Ireland and the UK.

Donna shares her moods and opinions on her blog. She is also active on Tweeter, Facebook and YouTube.

Martin Latulippe

An international expert in inspirational leadership, Martin Latulippe is one of the few Quebec speakers to have become a true leader in the personal development industry. He created Zero Limits, an academya that has propelled several renowned speakers. After overcoming many obstacles and setbacks, this author of 4 best-sellers has put his heart and soul into pursuing his dream: to offer inspirational conferences and seminars on the human domain around the world.

On the love front, Martin Latulippe has made a few mistakes and experienced his share of pitfalls... He has come to understand that the key to a fulfilling love relationship is to love yourself more. This personal commitment has had great repercussions on his family life and on his life as a couple. More present than ever with his family, he lives happily with his spouse and their children.

Isabelle Fontaine

Fascinated by the psychology of courage and influence, Isabelle loves to share the tools and strategies that come from the latest advances in neuroscience and the neurobiology of emotions. Her intention: to allow people to discover personal resources that were previously untapped or even ignored. Isabelle is the author of the best-selling books Empower and Le courage: Comment l'activer. Before devoting herself to her career as a speaker, Isabelle taught at the University of Quebec in Montreal and at the Polytechnic school of Montréal.

David will be speaking with the one and only Isabelle Fontaine, an international leader on the art of activating your courage. She will share with you the best of her teachings on the art of activating your courage to step out of your comfort zone and shine. Are you shy? Do you have difficulty approaching others? This Facebook Live stream is an absolute must for you!

Geneviève Young

Geneviève Young is an author, producer, speaker and teacher. She loves to create spaces (virtual and physical), trainings, tools and books that bring more understanding, more love, more joy and more peace to humanity! Geneviève has collaborated with great teachers that she loves deeply such as Guy Corneau, Jacques Salomé and John P. Strelecky. She has interviewed great humanists such as Dr. Patch Adams and Martin Luther King 3, and has been interviewed by the Oprah Winfrey Network. Her mission: to bring more love and light to humanity.

David will be speaking with Genevieve to explain how to benefit from the energetic current of unconditional love that is available at all times, to activate your creativity, vitality and loving connection to life itself.

France Gauthier

Journalist and television host from 1988 to 2010, France Gauthier is the author of a dozen books on consciousness, including C'est quoi l'Amour? (Plublistar Publishing). Today, she is a web TV host and offers, throughout the French-speaking world, very popular conferences and workshops based on her research and experiences of the last twenty years. Thousands of people have had their lives transformed by participating in her activities. She is often referred to as the Fred Pellerin of the new consciousness for her talent as a storyteller and her biting humor!

You will spend an unforgettable moment with France and David. In this unique Facebook Live stream, France will explain to you what makes us happy - or not - in love. With her vast experience on the subject of love, she will advise you on the essential steps to love yourself... and others.

Alexandra V. Abrego

Businesswoman, best-selling author and international speaker, Alexandra Villarroel Abrego won the Notable Awards as Canada's most motivational life coach. She is the founder of A.V.A. Enterprises, a multimedia production and coaching company focused on educating and inspiring people to reach their highest potential. Alexandra is a respected leader in the coaching and personal development industry and has quickly become the new role model for a generation of women.

What a promising workshop name! As the name suggests, Radiant Woman will teach you how to unleash the divine Goddess within you and realize your full potential through the use of your feminine gifts and powers. You will learn all you need to know about the return of the sacred feminine, the traditions and rituals of the Goddess and how to integrate these ancient truths into the modern world we live in.

Étienne Drapeau

Singer-songwriter, Étienne Drapeau has conquered the public with his albums and hit songs, reaching number 1 on the charts several times. A popular speaker, he launched his first career book in October 2020, which has since become a best-seller: Faire le choix du bonheur. Through his philosophy of life based on gratitude and positive thinking, Étienne offers his tips and practical advice for being happy and achieving true happiness. Among his favorite topics: developing confidence and full potential; transforming fears into positive energy; seeing trials as challenges.

His years of celibacy never discouraged Étienne Drapeau from one day meeting his ideal life partner and living a great love... and this is what happened when he met Maude, his "princess". This great romantic is inspired by the noblest of emotions to write beautiful love songs and perform them with brio and sensitivity. With the charisma that we know him for, Étienne will speak about love, the art of cultivating it and the attitude to adopt to attract it into our lives.

Jasmin Bergeron

Passionate about human relations, Jasmin Bergeron has given more than 2,000 conferences and trainings in 12 countries around the world. A full professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal, he is also the author or co-author of 5 books, 40 scientific studies and over 100 journal articles.
To end our program on a high note, Jasmin Bergeron is literally what is known as "the cherry on top of the sundae!" He will teach us how to create a Wow Effect in all our relationships. For over 20 years, he has worked with individuals and organizations to help them build and solidify harmonious and mutually rewarding relationships. With Jasmin, there will be a lot of awareness, fun and laughter, I promise!

Jasmin Bergeron

Passionate about human relations, Jasmin Bergeron has given more than 2,000 conferences and trainings in 12 countries around the world. A full professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal, he is also the author or co-author of 5 books, 40 scientific studies and over 100 journal articles.

To end our program on a high note, Jasmin Bergeron is literally what is known as "the cherry on top of the sundae!" He will teach us how to create a Wow Effect in all our relationships. For over 20 years, he has worked with individuals and organizations to help them build and solidify harmonious and mutually rewarding relationships. With Jasmin, there will be a lot of awareness, fun and laughter, I promise!

Here is what participants think of the program... ?

In a few words, the program is first and foremost a gift that we give to ourselves. Learning to love yourself in the dark as well as in the light, to know and accept yourself, and to live fully what is in the present. This program can be used in many ways and can be transposed in many spheres.

Maryan Gingras

The program allowed me to evolve and to know myself better. I made some realizations. David is a person with a beautiful soul, he does an extraordinary job and I hope to meet someone like him. Ha! Ha! I recommend this program to everyone. Thank you so much!

Céline Gagnon

One of the biggest gifts I've ever given myself. Tears and laughter. New friends for life. Real people who were not afraid to put themselves out there and seek help.

Génielle Jenny Massac

WOW! I am fulfilled and I get so much more than my money's worth, it's incredible! I am making peace with my past, with myself, I am learning to see myself for who I am and I now feel ready to meet Love. It is a simply fantastic program, coached by dynamic, friendly and charismatic people. Thank you to David, Chantal and all these wonderful people who make up this beautiful program!

Lucie Allard

I was very skeptical that an online program could help me. And yet... from this program, I have seriously found my inner peace. I have seen many positive changes with my family, friends, colleagues and in love. I respect myself more, I know my limits better, I communicate better, I have less insecurities, I even met someone in the middle of the program with whom things are going very well! It is probably one of the best investments in my personal development that I have made to date.

Élisabeth BC

Thank you David for your sharing, your enthusiasm and the way you transmit your teachings. Thank you for the program. You allowed me to grow, to evolve, to understand myself, to know my values, to reconnect to myself and today, I say to myself that I am a gift! My words are not strong enough to express my gratitude. Really, from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!

Sandrine Estienne

I learned a lot about love... There are things that I didn't know and that will help me a lot...

Linda Jetté

Wow, for me the Ready for Love program is a gift from heaven and came at the right time in my life. I have gained so much confidence in myself, I am opening up to people and smiling at life. I am grateful that the program brings me immense well-being. I have learned to take my place and to love myself as I am. Thank you David and the team, you are extraordinary!

Annie Quenneville

The program mainly taught me to take my place, to respect myself in my decisions. It taught me to love myself as I am and not as others want me to and above all, to believe in myself and in tomorrow, which will be better every day. I will be there tomorrow. Thank you David and the whole team!

Pierret Fortin

We all want a David Bernard. Can we clone you? You are an exceptional man dear David and thank you for these 9 weeks which made me grow and which also took me out of my comfort zone. Thank you for listening, for taking the time to answer our questions, our fears and our insecurities, thank you for everything!

Marie-Claude Labrecque

You are such an exceptional man David Bernard! Wow! You took the time to answer many people on the group, I was not expecting that at all.

Melanie Forest

A program filled with hope and important reflections. For me, it will have been a LARGE worthwhile investment. I am and will always be grateful to have been able to participate in this first cohort. In addition, the group has proven to be an additional support in the journey! Thank you David for such valuable help that clearly came from the heart! Oh, yes, and very high quality speakers, that is impressive!!! I give 5 stars to this beautiful program ... which I will, in addition, always have access to !!!! Thank you xx

Isabelle Dagneau

The Ready for Love program is a complete program, full of great tools! I haven't found love yet, but other gifts of life are coming my way and that's wonderful! The investment was well worth it, because I am more serene, more at peace and more open to the joys of life! All I have to do now is find my blue diamond and build the ideal relationship for me!

Julie Tremblay

Wow, I can't wait to see and hear from you! Thank you so much! What a program! I learned so much!

Chantale Boivin

David and Chantal's program came at the right time in my life. We are all here for the same reasons, to learn to love ourselves more and to receive the Love that will fill us with our simple new ME I love you xxxxx.

Annie Bonnier

This program is beneficial to me on many levels. Thank you for all the information transmitted and the exercises to practice to help us grow.

Nicole Bessette

The speakers were great and every moment was unforgettable, not to mention the PDFs each week which are a very useful bonus for me as a visual person. For those who want a life filled with love, I highly recommend this program which is worth its weight in gold in my eyes.

Jennie Sarras

What a great program! David is a great motivator, with an overflowing energy, contagious, healthy and really positive. Thank you David for your great generosity and your great empathy! And a big thank you to Chantal Lacroix for her sharing, her great compassion and her naturalness. Two truly authentic people: it's so good to see that! And the choice of speakers was truly inspiring and helped us understand the relationship with ourselves and with others. I am in transformation of myself... one day at a time.

Guylaine Dumas

Wow, despite all the work I have been doing on myself for a long time, this program is really changing my life! Thank you David Bernard. Without this program, I don't think I would have signed up for Facebook Dating and I wouldn't be experiencing what I consider to be the best start to a relationship I have ever had. I cherish every moment of it, no matter where it takes us. The new phrase that characterizes me right now: Go with the flow!

Guylaine Ouellette

I love this program so much. David, you are a great coach who speaks from the heart, with candor and tells it like it is and that was my favorite part.

Josée Labrie

A HUGE thank you, David, for this training. I realize that I have given myself the most beautiful gift. All these tools will serve me for the rest of my life. I can now get out of difficult situations more easily, I have gained confidence in myself, I love and accept myself as I am. Wow! What a journey I have made in the last 8 weeks! I have always had a strength in me, but with the program, it has been amplified. I am so grateful to you, David, and this program.

Amélie Fraser

The investment in yourself ?

The Ready for Love coaching program costs $397. It would be difficult for us to make you a better offer considering the quality of the experts we will be offering you...

You can pay in one or two payments. If you choose to pay your registration now in one payment, the amount is $397. If you prefer to make two payments, it will cost you $200 per monthly payment.

The doors will be closing in:


You missed out!


Just one easy payment and that's it !

1x 397 $


1 payment now and one in 30 days

2x 200 $


1 now and 1/month x 3 months

Reserve your spot while you still can!

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