Ready for Love Coaching - Webinar Registration Confirmed - Ready for Love Coaching

Your registration for the FREE Ready for Love workshop  is confirmed!

Now follow these important steps to ensure you can attend Donna and David's Facebook Live :


The LIVE broadcast will take place in a closed Facebook group that you must request to join.

The group is called Ready for Love.

Click here to see the group


Add our appointment to your electronic calendar.

On the day of the webinar, you will receive one or two email reminders.

The webcast will begin at 8:00 pm sharp on November 2nd.


To ensure that you receive all of our follow-up emails for the webinar, enter our email in your authorized email addresses :

[email protected]


Need help? Have a question? Our team is always here for you. Contact us at the following email address :

[email protected]

A huge thank you for your trust, and we look forward to meeting you at this Facebook LIVE filled with Love on November 2nd at 8pm!

Best wishes,
Donna Saker and David Bernard

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